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Corporate Events/Wellness Services

Host a Welness Event for Your Place of Business


Bring Wellness into the Work Place

Chronic health issues have become a growing part of employer health insurance coverage claims, which are now skyrocketing in cost. To help employees combat these issues, companies nationwide are experimenting with a variety of wellness programs including non-traditional approaches to treatment and prevention. This can include everything from chair massage to acupuncture. Introducing your employees to stress relief and wellness strategies can increase production and reduce sick time in the workplace.



Let the WellTree Team Organize an Event for You! 



We can offer any of the following services for your corporate wellness event:


Chair Massage

Acupuncture Mini Treatments

Postural Assessments

Lecture on Stress Management

Acupressure Demonstrations

Nutritional Consultations

Group Hypnosis

Mini Reiki Sessions

Raffles for Services


Call the WellTree today at (845)516-4232 to discuss organizing your wellness event. Ask for Michelle Vargas. 

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